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BRB | Better. Respectful.Bathrooming
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BRB App matches its users to private bathrooms
that are clean, safe and convenient.

Sharing with a Purpose

BRB is the first mobile platform which pairs smartphone users to clean, private & safe restrooms in major cities. BRBs platform is designed to help those needing a better, respectful bathroom experience.

Trust & Safety

BRB is a platform composed of screened users & hosts. Hosts provide access to their restroom. Users access hosts private restroom. All participants are screened & are subject to BRBs Trust & Safety Protocals.

Find What Suits You

BRB mobile app lets you find a space fitting your needs. Search photos & review to find a host for your Better Bathrooming experience.

Community First Principles

BRB platform is community solution & each transactions supports local charities thru its Courtesy Flush™.

How BRB Works



On the BRB app, filter private bathrooms for what matters to you most: location, community tags or amenities.

2. Book


Book your better bathroom for now or later, then let your host know who's coming with a selfie. Pay $7 per visit; %5 goes to a local charity of choice.



Our easy-to-follow directions will lead you right to the door. You have 20 minutes to relax! When you're done, rate your BRB host and experience.

First mobile platform matching people to clean, private & secure restrooms on demand!

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation.
Born out of necessity, BRB is the first sharing economy platform to match its users to private restrooms in major cities. A platform with a purpose built on community first principles & innovation to provide a better, respectful bathrooming experience!

Simple Sign Up Process

All BRB users are screened for safety & community standards with a simple registration process.

BRB with a few clicks

BRB Mobile app enables you to to search, select & go (literally) with just a few clicks

BRB lets You Do You

BRB users pay $7/use to find a private space that suits you!Users have accss to ratings, puctures & reviews all of which make it easy to use!

Each Flush Helps Local Communities

BRB Partners with local organizations trying to impact issues ranging from Health issues, women's safety to LGBTIQ and/or inclusivity issues

Purposeful Hosting

BRB hosts benefit with knowing with each flush BRB will be donating to their local communities. A side hustle that feels good.

Flexible Passive Income

Work from home? Student? Flexible work schedule? Perfect, BRB makes it easy for you to host when it works for you. Schedule in advance or just wing it.   


Repsectful Hosting

BRB is all about respect, privacy & security. Rest assured, everyone will be a nice since BRB has a zero tolerance policy on anything intolerant or disresectful. Users are screened through our rigorous Trust & Safety Protocal which will keep any scary people away! 


Community First Membership & Promotions

We strongly believe in rewarding our hosts & their communities. BRB works with local communities to educate, inform & discuss problems in our community around bathrooming. BRB works with organizations spanning mental health, Ulcerative Colities to Victims of Violence to make bathrooming easier. 


Launching in NYC  Winter 2019


Designed to match those needing to go with those to offering a safe space in ones most vulnerable moment.

BRB is based on respect, safety & community. BRBs platform hosts & users pass rigourous security checks to ensure everyone a respectful experience!

BRB is commited to safety & has vetting standards riveling those of child placement or foster care services.

**BRB will NOT accept anyone with violent, sexual &/or drug offenses for the utmost security of its platform hosts & users.


More Hosts Spots Avaiable for NYC


# of Security Checks for a Host


Minutes to BRB it



Find a Bathroom That Suits You

Using BRB

BRBs platform is composed of clean, private & safe bathroom providers helping those requiring a Better, Respectful Bathroom-ing experience

  • Download BRB App

    Downloading our App makes the approval process faster so you can BRB.

  • Sign Up & Get Vettted

    BRB is based on respect, safety & community.All BRB users must pass our background checks to ensure a BRB experience every time.

  • Seach & Select

    BRB App gives you the power of choice with many ways to find a bathroom suiting you. Search based on location, community tags, amenities. Book on the go or schedule for what suits you.

  • Book & Go

    Book a Host & we'll make it easy with detailed steps & any other details needed to BRB.

  • Rate Your Host

    Check out & submit a review or rate your BRB experience.

  • Courtesy Flush

    BRB donates 5% of each BRB Booking to Local Communities of choice based on your profile setup.

A Side Hustle with a Purpose!

Hosting on BRB

BRB is based on respect, safety & community. BRBs platform hosts & users pass rigourous security checks to ensure everyone a respectful experience!

  • Sign up via Host Portal BRB App

  • Sign Up & Get Vettted

  • Fill out Profile

  • Activate Hosting on your Schedule

  • Earn & Support Local Communities

BRB App ™ Gallery

BRB App does it all. Search, Select, GO...literally. Download our app today & start Hosting or BRB'ing.

  • Pay as You Go

  • $7 per flush

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  • Corporate/Enterprise Packages

  • Please Inquire for Rates

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